The Furniture Barn

Veneer damage in upper and lower doors of mahogany side by side

Veneer has been replaced on
mahogany side by side upper door

Mahogany side by side
Before and after

Oak side by side before and After Heavily painted high chair before and after restoration Structure damage in seat of high chair

Mahogany table with water damage.Same table after stripping and refinishing Mahogany sideboard Customer bought at auction in terrible condition.Same mahogany sideboard after stripping and realizing what a treasure it is. Oak table with crack in top. Oak table after repair and refinish


Broken wooden indian head     After repair and finishing Before of Pie Safe After of Pie Safe
Pie Safe Before side view Pie Safe side view after Pie Safe Wood Rot Pie Safe Wood Rot Fixed Heavily Painted Pie Safe Pie Safe after paint removed and restored
Oak Dresser with sever moisture damage Oak Dresser Looks better than new now Oak Dresser before top damage Oak Dresser with repaired top and side Oak Dresser with severe structure damage Oak Dresser with structure repaired
The Cabinet that went from junk to gem!!
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